DERMAVION Hanitizer – Hygienic Protector Liquid (NOT210104748K)  is specially formulated and is approved by NPRA (KKM).



It effectively kills bacteria and coronavirus. The bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99.9%, which directly eliminates common bacteria, forms a sterilizing protective layer on the skin surface, and effectively inhibits bacteria regeneration.

Contains 75% Isopropyl alcohol without any synthetic fragrance and chemicals.

Recommended Usage:

Hands and Body

Handles and Buttons

 Shopping Trolleys

Sports Equipment

Baby Belongings

Hands and Body

 Water Resistant  Electronic Products

Tables and Seats

Kitchen Counter Tops

 Toilet and Shower

Medical used Ethyl Alcohol Disinfectant. For external use only. Keep away from heat and flame.




What are the benefits of DERMAVION Hanitizer?

Fast and Effective Action

Convenient to use, Rinse free

Exclusive Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamins B5 & Lavender Essential Oils (Moisturise and soothe the skin)

No Silicone, Mineral Oil

No Artificial Coloring, Fragrance

No Preservatives

WHO recommended formulation

Available in 60ml/100ml/500ml